Finally transferred out of Kirtland

Well transfers were this week and as sad as I am about it I am leaving Kirtland. I am getting moved to Bloomfield and will be a zone leader there. So that is a big change.
Leaving Kirtland is honestly one of the Hardest things I have experience. This place has become home and I really have loved these people with all my heart. I feel like am leaving the Garden of Eden.

This week has been really awesome though. Filled with amazing experiences and lots of fun. The Spirit was definitely preparing me to leave Kirtland. Friday night we were sharing a dinner message at the S’s house and we showed them the song “It’s not about you” from and the Spirit of God’s love was so powerful. I just felt a tremendous amount of love and realized I may never see these people again. Very sad.

We were also able to see V. again this week after so long and we had a really awesome lesson with her. Very powerful about how we can know that the Book of Mormon, this church, Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ, all of it is true if we simply ask God. He will tell us. I know that to be true with all my heart.

This past sunday was amazing. There is the less active family, the D’s, they are native and he was the first Bishop of 5th ward but is now inactive. We tried to see him once before and he kicked us off his porch well then someone prayed for them with 21 day promise. So Elder Rice and I (a while ago) went to go see them and they let us in. We taught them for a month or two and the lessons were always very powerful. Well with Elder Haux it wasn’t to successful so we decided to change our approach and just be patient. Just share simple messages to get the Spirit into their home. Well on Sunday they were there!!! For all three hours!!!!! It was so awesome to see them there.

God has His ways and His timing and they are incredible. As much as I don’t want to leave I know the Lord needs me in Bloomfield. The Lord definitely kept me here long enough. I remember after my third transfer here (1st one with Elder Rice) I wanted to leave and I was mad when were were both staying. Then a transfer later I was kinda just eh. I could stay or go. Well I ended up staying and Elder Rice left. Then this transfer after I had done my very best to love the ward and the people and just do what God needed me to do I leave. The Lord needed me to love the people and now I am moving and will love the people in Bloomfield.  I have really learned how powerful love really is. What it can do for us and others. It is the most eternal thing in this world.

I love my mission with all my heart and I am trying to do my best to give it all to the Lord.

This is His work. His love. His teaching. He is the Master Teacher. His teaching had the power to heal! We can teach with that same power as we strive to emulate His life and teaching and follow His example.



I’m going to miss these families.


“We are so sad that we have to say goodbye to Elder Johnston, we all absolutely love him.”

Kids on armsIMG_0465IMG_0466

Lee Family

“We just love your son–he’s such a good Elder with a wonderful heart and desire to learn.”


“Saying goodbye to our Elder Johnston.  We will miss him!!!”  This sweet sister did my laundry every Monday for 7 months!


These members gave me this ring today.  Very native don’t you think!?








First Baptism…C. is an amazing youngman

Ward member’s little boy took these candid pictures – Love to see him in action….


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