Life is an adventure

I have so many things to say an not enough time to say it.

First C. GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! That was so awesome to see that. He is going to be such a great kid. A shining light to his family. His uncle who confirmed him was just mentioning a mission over and over and over again. I am excited for him.

We also found V. again. We were unable to contact her for like 2 weeks but Saturday night we texted her asking if she needed a ride to church and she said yes. So she was at church and that was awesome to see her again. I know it was because of prayers. (Alma 6:4-6) We have been inviting members to pray for people that we are teaching and I have already seen a difference and it is only been 4 days about.
We also found a few new investigators. There is this one man, K. We invited him to read in the book of Mormon and pray about it to know if God has true power. K. told us that life is his religion and he didn’t really believe it. Well we came back yesterday (a week later) and we asked him how his prayer and reading went and he had prayed and got an answer. He knew that he is God’s “creation” and that he was kept alive for a reason. (He was in a bad car crash and almost died a few years ago, now he is a paraplegic). When he told us he had received answer I was blown away. The Spirit was so strong and powerful. Oh it was an indescribable feeling. We taught him the plan of Salvation and testified strongly. He accepted and I hope he can come to accept the Gospel as well. I know that God kept him alive for him to hear the Gospel. I am privileged and honored to be apart of that.

I really learned this week how God works through imperfect people because He loves us perfectly. I have seen it both ways. Being the person He works through but also Him working through others for me. It just baffles me how much He truly loves us, we can’t even begin to comprehend it. What an honor it is to be on the Lord’s errand. To be that person that Heavenly Father has sent to bring light and truth and love into others lives. You never know how much good you really do. Never ignore a prompting to do good because someone somewhere is in need of love and Heavenly Father is going to use each of you, sometime or another, to bring His love to someone.

This church truly is God’s church once again on the earth. It has the only real power, the Priesthood. That power is the realest, most powerful thing ever because it is God’s power. This power isn’t just for men. It is for us all. God is in charge. He knows what is best and He will guide you if you will only listen. Sometimes it may be hard and you may have to stand against others but God’s power is incredibly more infinite than man’s. Never fear for He is with you when you do right.

I love you all and I love my mission. Most of all I love my Savior who died for me to strengthen me, and I love my Heavenly Father who designed a plan for me because His love is uncomprehending.

Love, Elder Johnston


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