The dark can only last so long

Well this week started out terrible but ended on a huge high note. So I was sick Tuesday and Wednesday so that was not fun at all, we didn’t even go out on Tuesday. But then Thursday came around and we had a mission tour with Elder Corbridge of the seventy. Man that was awesome.

He talked about how the responsibility of teaching is to help people get to the undeniable conclusion that they need to accept the gospel. It has really changed the way the lessons have been going. I have seen a huge difference. He said “you think there are two types of people in this world.” He showed this picture of a bunch of white silhouettes and said “these are the people we call ‘golden’ the ones that are looking for the gospel.” Then he showed a picture of a bunch of black silhouettes and said “these are the people that won’t accept the gospel. We could bring back Moses and they still wouldn’t listen. You think the world is like this.” and showed black and white silhouettes mixed together. Then he said “but there is a third group” grey silhouettes, “these are the people who will or won’t accept the gospel because of what you say, and the world is actually like this” it was great silhouettes with one or two black and white silhouettes. It changed my perspective for sure. My job isn’t to find the “golden” white silhouette it is to find those grey silhouettes and help them to accept the gospel. That is my job. It is actually all of our jobs.

It has only been four days but my mission is forever changed. My life for that matter.

This week ended good. Saturday was another crazy service day chopping down trees and setting up army tents, moving furniture.

Sunday was particularly amazing. It was fast Sunday and everyone’s testimonies were amazing. I was very uplifted. Then we taught C. and he is doing awesome. He is going to get baptized on Saturday and I am really excited. We were asking him the interview questions just to make sure he could answer them and we asked “Do you believe that God is our Eternal Father” and really simply he said yes and then shared his testimony about it and it was simple but powerful and D. (his dad) was just happy as can be and we asked him if he had something to add he said “no, just one of those moments you realize you love your children more than anything” It was a really good day.  Then we went and saw some potentials and it was amazing to see how the Lord had softened their hearts over the last week. Finding those grey silhouettes.

The Lord always does provide. He will always bring new light into our lives as we continue to seek him.
I love my mission and I love you all

Love, Elder Johnston


i was sick and really bored so I played with easy cheese


Elder Haux has these interviews so I just sit in the back room BY MYSELF playing with Lincoln logs


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