I am so exhausted just thinking about typing this email wears me out…..

Well this week has been absolutely crazy. Super busy!!!
We had a lot of good experiences though.
I have learned a lot
I will just focus on the big events

Well Wednesday we had a priest out with us all day on a “mini mission” He came over at 7:45 am and left at about 9:45 pm. It was a lot of fun. He is about to graduate and is working on his mission papers. At the end of the day he said “everything that happened was just what I needed.” It was a huge relief to me because I didn’t feel like our day was that good. The Lord always provides and he once again did.

Thursday was zone training out in Shipwreck…I mean Shiprock. lol That was quite the adventure. I learned a ton and ate Taco Bell on the Navajo Reservation.  Then “good” Friday at like 6:45 am I got a call from Elder Soloman (serving in second ward) who I was supposed to go on exchanges with telling me that he isn’t feeling good and we won’t be able to go. Well I finish my workout and all that good stuff. Right as I get out of the shower I get a call from the Zone Leaders asking if we can come over to there place NOW (they live with 2nd ward) well we drive on over and as we are pulling up they are driving off with Elder Soloman and we are to stay with Elder Cornu his companion. While they rush him to the Hospital in Farmington. Turns out he had an appendicitis and ended up getting his appendix removed. So Elder Cornu was with us all day and we are feeding these members animals for them while they are out of town and they have a bunch of dogs. (keep in mind we are still in our suits). Well two dogs are in one fenced off area and then two other dogs are on the other side. Well I open the gate (it is a wood gate so I can’t see what is on the other side) and there are the two dogs Harley and Lilred and all of a sudden Trixy who should be in the other area runs up and Wham Harley and Trixy start fighting. It was a bloody mess (no I am not British it was just bloody and it was a mess) So that was pretty exciting to deal with. Then I went to this separate fenced off area to feed another dog and all the puppies well I open the gate and all the puppies escape so that again was quite the adventure. Friday was just a eventful day.

Saturday 4th ward had a baptism and everyone had showed up and the font still wasn’t full so we waited a bit and it gets full and we are about to start and the 4th ward mission leader realizes there is no presiding authority. There has to be a member of the bishopric or stake presidency to oversee the baptism. Well Bishop got sick and once councilor was at work and the other was out of town so that wasn’t good. We finally get a hold of President Sherwood from the stake presidency and he shows up about an hour later. We finally get the baptism done and during the last talk about the Holy Ghost we get a call that Elder Soloman is getting released from the Hospital. Elder Thalman has to be there because he is on the release form and his companion needs to stay at the baptism so I had to drive him into Farmington. Once again just quite the adventure.

So once again just another crazy week here in Kirtland.
I learned a lot about the Atonement and the wonderful enabling power it has but I don’t have time to tell you all about it.

I hope you all had an amazing Easter always remember Christ and what He did for us.

I love you all

Love, Elder Johnston





Mini Missionary


Elder Soloman


Zone Picture




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