Miracles happen when you follow the Spirit

Well this week was just amazing. So many wonderful experiences. I wish I could explain them all. I will start with this one. (starting of with a super spiritual high)

Well Wednesday night I was praying, and I try to write down promptings in my planner as I pray, and I had this prompting to not got see our six o clock appointment with the Winters. I thought it was weird but I wrote it down anyway. Thursday morning I was reading over the promptings in my planner I read “don’t go see the W.” and I had the same feeling to not go see them. I kinda just thought about it and didn’t do anything. Well after District meeting I kept having the same thought to not go see the W., I told Elder Haux and he said follow it. He then asked what we were going to do during that time and I said “we will figure it out” So I called Brother Ellsworth who was going to come with us and told him never mind. Then while on exchanges Elder Thalman and I were at dinner and got a text/call from Sister C. that we needed to come give her brother in law a blessing. Well if we would have had the appointment with W’s. we wouldn’t have been able to. So we go to the C’s and her brother in law is there who is a drug addict who is trying to quit and wanted a blessing. So we gave him the blessing he calmed down quite a bit. Before the blessing he couldn’t stop moving but then as the blessing went on he calmed down and had stopped moving like crazy by the end of the blessing. We asked if he would be interested in the addiction recovery program and he said yes. So we went to the zone leaders house because Elder Thalman thought they had some information for it there. Well they didn’t so he called President Sherwood in the stake presidency and he said we needed to go through our bishop. Well while on the phone Elder Thalman had a prompting to turn and look on the shelf. Well on the shelf was an addiction recovery book. He grabbed it and pulled of the sticky note on it which I later found out said “Elders I am letting this leave the class because I have a feeling that it will do a lot of good later” So we took it with us and headed over to Bishops to talk to him, well he wasn’t home. So we got back in the truck and Elder Thalman told me what the sticky note said so we went back over to the C’s and gave it to them. It was just a giant combination of people listening to the spirit. So cool

Now we are starting to see the C’s every Sunday for dinner and then share a lesson to help T. (the addict) It is also really good because The C’s some what less active and I have been praying and wanting to be able to get in and teach them to help them. Well the Lord answered my prayer in a different way then I thought.

We were there last night and after the lesson the C’s asked us to stay for this announcement they had for their kids. They are going to be sealed in the temple in January. I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling. I was just filled with a fullness of joy!! I can’t explain how good that feeling was. We had been in their home a lot the past week giving blessings and once having a family home evening with them sharing the Easter Video and the temple always seemed to come up. It reminded me of a promise I was given in the setting apart me as a missionary. I was promised that if I loved the people and taught with the Spirit that because of what I say people would go to the temple and the promise is being fulfilled. It is just truly amazing!!

That really is a summary of my week. Following the Spirit on crazy whims that led to amazing things. We had a lot of really powerful lessons. A lot of people brought up some concerns and the Spirit just filled our mouths as we talked. Once again I can’t really explain it.

There is this old widow we go visit once a week. Just so she doesn’t get lonely. Her name is Sister S. and her husband passed away 5 months ago. So we go and visit her and share a message and all that fun stuff. We usually bring Ammon with us (he is working on his mission papers) and this last time we were there this past week we read some general conference talks and discussed them but we also had some good laughs. I love being there with her. She always gives us chocolate chip cookies and a kiss!! (chips ahow and hersheys kisses) At the end of the visit I had the prompting to ask if she needed a blessing and I felt really prompted to have Ammon give the blessing. (He is an Elder) I asked her and she said yes. Then she pointed to Ammon and asked if he would give the blessing. Well he got really nervous because he has never given one before. We told him the words he had to say and to just follow the Spirit. He gave such an amazing blessing to her and it was very powerful. After the lesson Sister S. gave the closing prayer and in it she started crying and said “thank you for these three young men, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have family home evening” It just melted my heart. She is such a cute, sweet old lady and she will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Always follow the promptings no matter how simple you never know how much good it will do. Sister S. would be awful lonely and wouldn’t have FHE if is wasn’t for following promptings.   Never EVER give up an opportunity to to some service for others no matter how small. When you are debating to doing something or following a prompting always remember Moroni 7:13

We also had a lot of fun this week.  We split some wood and had some fun messing around. It was a lot of wood. We were jumping off stumps and splitting rounds it was a blast.
We also had martial arts training this morning. Brother Hamlin (he is the 1 councilor in the bishopbric) he is a cop and nows a lot of martial arts so we went him at the karate dojo at 6 am and he taught us a lot of martial arts self defense moves. Like how to evade knife stabs and gun points, and a lot of other things. It was a lot a fun and a lot easier than I thought. I is all technique and I was pretty good at it.

Yes I am having load of fun and having incredible experiences.

I love you all
Love, Elder JohnstonIMG_0184IMG_0200IMG_0343



  1. Grandma Covieo · March 26, 2016

    Harrison I love reading your letters. I am so proud of you and I am happy your are having these wonderful experiences. I pray for you and I love you. Grandma Covieo.


  2. Grandma Gale · March 26, 2016

    Love this boy. I am so proud of you!!!!! Keep truckin’. And touch everyone you meet with that special testimony that burns within you. The gospel is truly a joy in our lives and brings such happiness when hearts are opened to know and understand. Love you. Grandma Gale


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