New companion

Well this week has just been a blast!! I got a new Companion and we have worked super hard!!!!

This week was filled with lots of adventures. Just teaching up a storm over here.
We just get out and work every day, it is so cool to see how we will just be walking or driving a long and just get an idea to go see someone and we will and of course it is just what they needed. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

V. is doing great. We taught her the law of Chastity and we were just straight forward and she committed to live it which was so cool. I can’t explain the feeling when I asked “So V. will you live the law of Chastity?” She just looked at me and said “yeah I will” I was immediately so pumped up!!! I just wanted to high five the whole world!!! I don’t know why it was so amazing but it was!!! Then she came to a baptism for an investigator in 4th ward with us and that was awesome. Valerie said she is nervous and scared but she wants to. She showed up to church on Sunday so that was great!!

We are teaching a lot of less actives as well and they are progressing well. All except one. She told us that she still prays with corn pollen so that is not good!!! Just the joys of teaching Navajos. The Lord will provide.

I had a cool experience this week. So Sunday was the day light savings time change so that was just awful. We also had to wake up extra early to be at the church at 7! It was quite the adventure. So Sunday afternoon is rolling around and Elder Haux and I are exhausted and just can’t hardly stand up. We were driving to the dinner appointment and I said a quick prayer “Heavenly Father keep me awake” I reach up and grab my sunglasses and put them on and bam I am instantly wide awake with no ounce of tiredness in my body!! It was so cool I don’t know why the Lord answered my prayers so instantly but He provided a way as He always does.

We are still working on finding new investigators because here in 5th ward, “if you wanted to be a Mormon you already would be” but as always the Lord will provide! I am excited to see what comes of it.

We have also started working with the Priests a lot. Going to have a mini mission with them. I really enjoy helping people learn how amazing a mission really is.

I just want to help everyone in anyway I can!! Whether that is through service or the Gospel, or both!!!

Love Elder Johnston



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