WELL Transfers were this week and guess what!?

I’M STAYIN’ HERE!!!! I get another transfer in Kirtland. A seven week transfer too.
I will be in my first area for 7 1/2 months!! I am so excited. Elder Rice is getting back to the rez in crystal. I am getting a new companion Elder Haux, he has been out seven and a half months about. I am really anxious and nervous but it will be great.

I am so tired!! This week has been absolutely crazy!! In church I could not stop yawning. We were walking into Priesthood opening exercises as gospel doctrine was walking out and I was yawing and Sister B. (the patriarchs wife) said “you know you could swallow a whale while doing that.” I was laughing so hard!!!! So anyway I am tired.

We had so much service this week. 34 man hours!!! That is way too much. We didn’t have much time to find because all the service projects from past weeks had been delayed to this week so we just had a ton. It was good though. We might get a new investigator from one of the service projects.

We did get to teach both C. and V. this week. They are both doing well. C. is progressing so well. It is awesome to see. He is just so excited to be baptized and he reads the scriptures and prays and loves church. He is just a stud. A great example to his family. It was so funny. We were teaching him about the Holy Ghost and asked if he feels any different when we teach him or when he reads he said “not really” I started laughing so hard because that was not what I was expecting him to say. I guess he is just so pure that the Spirit is so natural to him. I am so excited for him.

V. is doing alright. She wasn’t able to come to church and didn’t read but she is praying. Hopefully we can just get her to read in the Book of Mormon. We read a chapter with her and it was very spiritual, hopefully she can just do it on her own now.

I am really learning what is is like to be like the prophets in the Book of Mormon that just spoke with power. We were at this house for dinner and it was just rowdy and crazy and contentious and the Spirit wasn’t really there. The kids don’t like church or the gospel but their parents make them go (which is good) so we were sharing a message and all the kids had there heads down and weren’t listening and all that. Well then I shared Moroni 10:27 and I was just so fired up. I was pumped and the Spirit was just Burning inside of me and I would just speak and the Spirit would feel the room. All the kids were silenced and started paying attention and were on the verge of tears. I was pleading with them to accept the truth that is found in Christ because one day whether for good or bad they will KNOW that what their parents, me, their Sunday teachers have been telling them is true. Then Elder Rice started to speak and the same thing happened. He asked “if you die right now and saw your whole life would you be happy or regretful?” It was so powerful. Then I challenged them “put me to the test, put God to the test, try me. Do what we ask, live the gospel and I promise you your life will get better.” Then I said the most bold statement anyone could ever say “In the name of JESUS CHRIST amen.”
I am not trying to say that Elder Rice and I are like the Book of Mormon prophets. I don’t think we ever will be that good but I do know that the Gospel is true that the Spirit can and does speak through us if only we listen. In times of boldness the Spirit will speak with Fire. You cannot deny that the Holy Ghost is there. I am not trying to say that Elder Rice and I are great teachers or anything like that. The only thing is that we followed the Spirit and didn’t back down to what we know is true. Please don’t take this as me trying to boast, I just want you to know the power of the Spirit and the truth of the Gospel.

I love you all and hope you recognize the power of the Spirit in your life and the truth that is found in Christ.

I love you all as much as a whale loves krill

Love Elder Johnston

p.s. remember that Believing in Christ is great but simply Believing Christ is how we are changed through the Atonement.


I forgot about this Hilarious story: So we were at a members house so Elder Rice could say good bye and I forgot my camera inside. I was standing in front of the truck and turn to ran back to the door. Well right in front of is this bush that I had almost ran into about a week ago (also at night) well I just plowed right into it and layed right on top of it. I was laughing so hard It was just hilarous. I just had to be there. Anyway this is the bush


District photo (I forgot that I was wearing sunglasses when we took the picture so now I look like a tool)


Elder Rice and I



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