Pray brings….opportunities?

This week has once again been chaos.

We weren’t able to teach V. this week because the Lord decided to work in a very mysterious way. Monday night we were going to have dinner with her at the ward mission leader’s house and then teach her a lesson. Well we show up at the ward mission leader’s house and they say V. isn’t coming because she had a fight with her boyfriend. So the Garrets took dinner to her and then we just had dinner and FHE with them. So V. is so excited to be member of the church she wants it to bless her and her families life and she knows it will. Well her Boyfriend is traditional (meaning Navajo “traditions”) so he kind of opposed it. Well they got in a fight and she kicked him out. So now we don’t have a law of chastity issue anymore. It was sad because we weren’t able to meet with her because she is trying to adjust to single mom life, but the Lord worked his wonders and solved a big problem for us. I learned to trust God’s will even if it seems a little weird to our mortal minds.

C. is doing great. He has such a desire to get baptized, and married in the Temple haha. We were teaching him the Plan of Salvation and were talking about how baptism isn’t the end. He just kept bringing up eternal marriage in the temple. At the end of the lesson we said “that is a great goal to have C.” he said “I think everyone has that goal, just some people choose not to follow it.” Man was that a shot fired at his dad! He has such desire to follow Heavenly Fathers plan and is not going to let anyone get in his way. It is so amazing to see what the gospel can do to people’s hearts.

This Thursday we had a training in district meeting about being diligent and I realized that I was not being a diligent missionary. I have really learned how amazing Heavenly Father is. Have you ever noticed how when you pray for strength to over come something or to do better at something it is almost right after you encounter it. I used to think is was Heavenly Father not answer prayers but it is the other way around. He gives you the opportunity to overcome it.

So anyway back to being diligent. So I decided to be more diligent and to work as hard as I could. Well this week everyone decided to cancel on us and I had plenty of opportunities to be diligent. It was really hard because when it is dark and all your plans fall through people don’t really like you knocking on their door. Even at this one house we went up to knock on at 8:30 and Elder Rice asked “ins’t a little late to knock on a new door?” (These people had just moved in) I said “the Lord will bless us for our diligence” and knocked on the door. The first thing the person says when they open the door “isn’t a little late?” then she went and got her mom who said “wow you guys are up late, I was just getting ready for bed” So we had quite the experience with being diligent. I haven’t seen any blessings from it yet but I know that they will be here soon.

I am really learning to trust in the Lord that he will prepare a way for these people and for myself. This is all possible because He loves us all more than we can possibly comprehend. The love the Lord has for us just amazes me.

I love you all and hope that you will rise to the opportunities the Lord places in front of you.

Love Elder Johnston

p.s When you get a prompting write it down. The Lord will bless you with more!


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