On a Tuesday!!!

Email from February 16, 2016

Well this week was really really slow. Everyone in the whole world got sick I guess!!! We only had two lessons this week. It was really sad. Kind of a downer.

We also didn’t have much time to get out and work because we had to deal with so many missionary things, like meetings and dealing with drama in between other missionaries. It was just a really hard week. It was good though.

The one day that we actually got to work we talked to a lot of people. It was good. I was feeling really down about not working hard enough and not showing my love for the Lord. That day we were able to get out and work I felt so good at the end of the day. Only one person let us in their home, but simply inviting others to Christ is one of the greatest feelings ever. It really boosted my determination to just get out and work hard all day. I can promise you all that if you simply just open your mouth, no matter how hard you feel it is, you will feel the same feeling of great accomplishment that I do.

I had this really cool experience at zone training last week. One of the zone leaders, Elder
Thalman was leading a role play and he put us in twos and then said Elder/Sister 1 you are teaching this lesson, Elder/Sister 2 (investigator) come up with a concern about that lesson but don’t say what it is. Then the one being the missionary had 10 seconds to discern our needs by just sitting quietly and listening to the Spirit. Then they just started teaching. Holy Smokes it was so cool. I was with Elder Eriksen and the first thing he said was exactly what my concern was. Then I was the missionary and had the same exact experience. It was just so amazing. I can’t really explain it because it was so cool. It was just awesome. The Spirit works in amazing ways.

Sorry for the short email but not much happened this week.


sunsets are really pretty here



this is the sign for Region 2, one of the areas on the rez where we work


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