Sorry short email. No time

This week has been absolutely craziness. I feel so bad because I feel like we hardly get any work done. But I have to keep reminding myself that we are getting work done.

D. is doing well. We had a powerful lesson with him and once again just invited him to read the Book of Mormon. It was a really powerful lesson. V. is really busy so we weren’t able to teach her this week but she said she will come to church next week which is good.

I am learning lots and having really cool experiences. For a while I was always looking for something more to do. That I wasn’t doing enough and I needed to do more, especially as a District Leader. I was fasting and praying to know what to do and I got my answer. During fast and testimony meeting the Spirit whispered very quitetly “Why are you searching for answers, you already know what you need to do, now just do it.” It was really cool.
I feel like sometimes we get caught up in doing more and more but really it isn’t that hard. There is a set list, so to speak, of the things we are to do and that is what we should do. Yes sometimes there is a little searching of what we can do more but most of the time we are missing the important things.

I had so many awesome experiences this week but I have no time to tell you about them just know that I am doing great and learning every day.

There is no greater joy than helping others.
I love you all
Love Elder Johnston


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