There is such a joy that the Gospel Brings 2 Kings 6:16

This week just amazing.

It started our really crazy though. So last monday we had an appointment with D. again and we were going to teach him about the Restoration. Well apparently D. did some homework and came back with a bunch of questions from anti-mormon literature and just slammed us with all these questions about Joseph Smith and his prophecies. When he first started bringing it up I thought “oh no hearing this anti-mormon stuff is going to shake my testimony of Joseph Smith” well it didn’t one bit. We just strongly testified of Joseph Smith and the power of the book of Mormon and told him he needed to read it and pray to know if it was true. It was really quite intense. So that was how my week started. haha

Then tuesday was crazy because of transfers. Elder Rice and I weren’t getting transferred but the Elders from Bayfield Colorado had to stay with us over night because there was a meeting for all the District leaders in Farmington on wednesday morning. So we had to drive into Farmington and pick them up and then double work our area. I was also fasting to know how to help D. so I was completely wiped out. Well Elder Mondaca (the Bayfied District Leader) and I went out trying to contact people and I took this back road on the rez and got totally lost. I knew where I was but I accidentally took a wrong turn and the road was so narrow that we couldn’t turn around so we just drove for about 15 minutes. Then made it to the end and finally turned around and drove back. It was quite the adventure.

Wednesday Elder Mondaca, Elder Van Ry (the other District Leader in my zone) and I drove into Farmington to make it into Farmington by 7:30 am. We had to be at President Adam’s house for a District Leader Leadership council (all the District Leaders from the whole mission get together and council and receive training on how to be a good District Leader) Well Elder Thalman my zone leader gave us bad directions so we got lost in Farmington. So we had to call the Assistants and get directions to President’s house. So as you can guess we were late. The meeting was great and I received so many answers for questions that I had been pondering about how to be a good District Leader.
Thursday was District meeting and the 4th ward Elder had to go into Shiprock to give some Elders a box of copies of the Book of Mormon. So they weren’t going to be there for the District meeting so this awesome training I had planned I had to totally redo way last minute. It was a rough morning and I felt very unprepared. But the Lord pulled through and just loosened my tongue to be able to say what the District needed to hear and it turned out to be a very good District meeting. It was so cool.

The rest of the week was pretty boring until Saturday. We had two huge service projects. We were helping Brother Winters trim his trees and clean up his weeds. Well underneath this huge pile of weeds was just a bunch of metal that was all tangled up so that was a big mess. Then we had a service project at Sister P’s clearing out her trees. Well no one from the ward showed up so it was just Elder Thalman, Cornu, Rice, and myself going at it with axes and a little hand saw. We got so much work done. In an hour we cut down 12 trees, split them up and then carried them over into this huge burn pile. It was a tun of work. I am still soar. It was fun though.

Sunday was by far the best day though. So on friday during weekly planning we texted V. our investigator to remind her to read and pray. Well she said that she did and we asked her if she would like to come to church. She said yes!!!! Well she doesn’t have a car and needed a ride so we got with the Francos (super awesome Family) and asked if they could give her a ride and they said yes. The Francos were also speaking in church and they did a great job. It was just what V. needed. Then V. came to the other 2 hours. She stayed for all 3 hours of church!! It was as if every class was just for her. We had dinner with the Francos and they said that V. was really happy when she got dropped off. We had an appointment with her that evening but she had to reschedule. I was so sad because that is what happened last time a few months ago and we had to drop her because she kept canceling on us. Well V. rescheduled to tuesday. So we are teaching her tomorrow. I was so excited though because last week she told us she was busy “everyday but sunday” well not anymore, because she has had a change of heart!! The Gospel is true and the Spirit really does soften peoples hearts!! I am so excited to see what comes.

I want you all to know that this church is true, I know it. Joseph Smith did translate the Book of Mormon and is a prophet of God. This Church is lead by our Master, even Jesus the Christ. Who did suffer for each one of us in the Garden and died for us on the cross. There is nothing that brings greater joy than helping people come to this knowledge for themselves. It isn’t us that does it, it is the Spirit, we are only the tools for the Spirit to use.

I love you all and miss you
Have a great week and always remember to read your scriptures 2 Nephi 32:3

Love Elder Johnston.

P.S. read the story in 2 Kings 6:13-18 It is amazing. An old friend that helped me change my life showed me that (you know who you are)


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