Crazy Transfer Week

Email from Monday, January 25, 2016

Well first things first….. I am staying here in Kirtland!!! Six months here I come. Elder Rice and I are staying together. I am still the District Leader. All that fun stuff.

This week has been really awesome. Like always busy like crazy. But always fun.  We had lessons with 3 potential investigators. All 3 of them canceled. One of them when we first found him said he wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ. Well we come back a few days later for the lesson and he answers the door and says that he is traditional…. I was so sad.
We did find two new investigators this week. One of them V. was a former investigator that we just stopped by one day and set up an appointment for Sunday. Holy Guacamole!!!! It was a powerful lesson. We started by teaching her the Plan of Salvation. At first the Spirit was there but not really strong, I felt like we were just teaching the lesson not her. Well I started praying to myself that we would be able to follow the Spirit to teach to her needs (come to find out Elder Rice was doing the same thing) Well through asking some questions and really listening to the Spirit the lesson took a huge turn. We started talking about how through following Heavenly Father’s plan for us we can have happiness in this life. So of course baptism came up. I invited her to be baptized. Oh my Gosh the Spirit was so strong it could have blown up the house (trailer). Elder Rice, Ammon (member we took with us) and I were all on the same page with the Spirit and it was just so awesome. We addressed her concerns and fears. She is scared that if she gets baptized she might back out, type of thing. Reasonable concern. But we promised her if she read the verses in the Book of Mormon and prayed to know if Baptism was the way she wants to go that Heavenly Father will answer her prayer. It was so spiritual. I know that when we left that the Spirit dropped so hopefully she notices. It was just such an awesome lesson. We have another lesson on Sunday with her and I am so excited!

The other lesson we had was the fruits of the 21 day promise. A member invited one of his long time friends over and we taught him a lesson. His name is D. and he was baptized into some Christian Church about 2 years ago. He has a real strong desire to follow God. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he believes it. He seemed to like the idea and was very accepting. We invited him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it because tonight we are going to teach him about the Restoration. I know that if he reads it and pray he will know of it’s truth because He has a very strong Desire to follow God. I hope he can take the passion he has for his religion and put it into this one. It will bless his life so much.

We are also having another lesson with a referral today. We are going GOLFING. This member has a friend that he gave a Book of Mormon to and he is already in Alma. Well he asked if he would like to meet with the missionaries and he said no. Well them member asked if he would want to go golfing with the missionaries (the nonmember works at the gold course) he said okay. So today we are going golfing with a member and his buddy, to teach him about the Book of Mormon a little more. I am way excited!!! It is going to be fun.

With transfers and all some of the missionaries in the District are moving. Ironically they are both going up to Durango (jealous). At first one of them was hard to love he just got on everyone’s nerves. Even mine, well I felt bad and really tried to love him and see him the way Christ does. I didn’t think I was succeeding until now. It is amazing to see how Heavenly Father knows us. Kind of a side note in my prayers for a month (been going for about a week) I don’t ask for anything I only thank Heavenly Father for the many blessings He gives me. (it has really changed the way I see things, think, pray and feel) So I haven’t been able to pray for things like I used to (like to be filled with Charity for the District members) well God knows my needs and desires and He blessed me with that Pure Love of Christ anyway, even without praying for it. I am so sad that they are leaving. I have really come to love them and see them through Christ eyes. Even with all their imperfections (we all have them) It just amazed me how saddened I was by them leaving.
Heavenly Father knows us and the things we need and if we are doing our best to be faithful and righteous He will bless us with them.  Charity is the greatest love of all. Nothing can replace it. You begin to see people the way Christ does and you understand what you need to do to help them reach their potential. It truly is amazing. I am honored and humbled that Heavenly Father has given me with this love. It is just such an amazing feeling. I hope you all experience that in your life. I wish I could give you that feeling but that is up to you.

Just another great week in the Lord’s service. It is the greatest work we can do. I already know that leaving is going to be so hard and sadly my time is already wearing thin. I am already at 5 months just about.

Well I love you all and miss you. Keep up the amazing work

Elder Johnston


Me and My companion Elder Rice lololol

our neighbors (that our little apartment is connected to) control the heat and our study room was 90 degrees!!!!!



The District




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