In the New Mexico Farmington Mission we represent Jesus Christ as we find, teach repentance and baptize converts.

Once again another crazy week with lots of meetings. It was a really good week.
We had zone conference in Bloomfield and that was just amazing as always. It was just such a spiritual experience. The focus was on setting the Culture of the mission which is “In the New Mexico Farmington Mission we represent Jesus Christ as we find, teach repentance and baptize converts.” Pretty strait forward. It is something they are trying to implement not to replace our purpose which is found in Preach My Gospel but so that anyone in or out of the mission will know exactly what New Mexico Farmington missionaries do. It is kinda cool I think.

So along with zone Conference we have DLC which is when the zone leaders, the other District Leader in the zone, the Sister Training Leader (and her companion) and me (because I am a District Leader) we all get together and talk about zone conference and how we are going to implement it into our zone and districts. It was an incredibly spiritual experience. We were all counselling together and with the Spirit. We would say something, put it up on the board and then just think about it and listen to the Spirit, we probably prayed like 3 times during the council. It took a long time that we didn’t even finish. So we had to finish yesterday after church. We were on a time crunch and it was so cool because the Spirit was just flowing. It didn’t take time to discern and listen the promptings would just come we would say it and then everyone would instantly be in agreeance. It was way cool. Kinda weird how the spirit works in different ways but way cool. It was such a spiritual experience that we were all just worn out afterwords. It was so cool.

So during the DLC there would be weird exchanges with all our companions. A lot of good was done in 5th ward. It was really cool. We have appointments with 3 potential investigators this week. That doesn’t seem like a lot but for this area that is amazing. I am really excited. All three of them seem like really solid investigators too. One of them said that he was interested in learning more about Jesus. I just can’t wait. I feel bad because I read other missionaries emails and they talk about how talking to people and teaching and all that is such a spiritual experience. I have just gotten used to it. Maybe I need to be more appreciative of it because it really is a wonderful experience because angels are always round about us and I have just gotten used to it because that is what we do every day. It has come to the point where it isn’t that I feel the presence of the Holy Ghost in testifying and teaching. It is always there that it has become apart of me now that it isn’t new it is just natural. It isn’t that I notice when the Spirit is there (I do it is just that it always so in a way it is normal) I now notice when it is gone, or not there as strongly. I don’t know how to explain it. It is just like the Spirit has become apart of me that feeling his presence isn’t unique anymore it is just normal that when his presence does leave I feel lost. I don’t know maybe I just need to be appreciative. You tell me, what do you think?

We also had stake conference this week and let me tell you it was amazing. They were reorganizing the stake presidency here so guess what, they needed a general authority. Well not just one but two come. Elder Christoffel Golden (he is a white south African and has a awesome accent) and Elder Southward of the 70. Holy smokes stake conference was so amazing. I received so many amazing answers and insights. I have been trying to seek answers about my patriarchal blessing that will help me be a better missionary. One of the answers I received was that “God is no respecter of persons, He will reveal that things of Himself to those that are ready and Faithful no matter of position.” The Sprit just hit me and said that I NEED to fast and pray every Sunday until I KNOW Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have no idea what is going to happen but something will and I will KNOW Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Doctrine and Covenants 67:10. I also received a bunch of other answers that is just the one that sticks out the most.

Missionary work is just amazing and I am so honored and blessed to be a part of it. I love seeing the change that comes to people as they learn the truths that the gospel brings. I can’t wait to bring even more souls unto Christ.

I can’t believe that I have been on my mission for 4 months!!! That is just crazy. Actually quite scary. Time flies when you are having fun. That is another thing I have learned that missionary work is fun. Just as Elder Golden said “There is no greater work than the work of the Lord”

I am just happy as ever and improving daily.
Just so you all know I probably will be moving. Transfers are in a week and I have been here in Kirkland for 4 months already and with all that has been happening in the District I think I am going to be moving.

Love Elder Johnston

I forgot for stake conference we had to set up all these chairs and it was just 4 of us. Elder Rice, Elder Thalman, Elder Cornu and me. The members were cleaning the church to get ready for stake conference. We set up ALL the metal chairs in the front and then the Bishop came in and told us that the plastic chairs have to be in front because they are quieter so that was quite the adventure. It took 2 hours.



This is the culture on our wall.


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