Everyone migrates for the winter.

Email from December 28, 2015 (I’m a little slow)

Well this week has been less than ideal. We had a bunch of appointments set up with our investigators and less actives and we would show up an they would cancel. It was really hard. So we did a lot of tracting. In the freezing cold. So that was an adventure.

It was still a good week. I got to skype my family and it gave me the drive to get out and tract some more in the cold. It snowed for once. It is freezing cold here but it never snows. The one day it did snow we were driving to this less actives place to go do some service for them and they live down a dirt road (like everyone) but this road is just a road not a county road so it isn’t kept all nice. Well snow and mud in a truck was just too much fun and our truck got super muddy. It was fun. We were feeding their animals for them while they were out of town. Well their horse got it’s hoof stuck in a fence that it knocked down. I have no idea how it’s hoof even fit in there cause we couldn’t get it out. We had no idea how to help it because it was stuck so we called the 4th ward Elders because Elder Thalman grew up around horses. Well he didn’t know what to do so we started looking around for some bolt cutters. We were rummaging through this trailer and weren’t finding anything. So I said a quick little prayer that heavenly Father would help us find some bolt cutters. Right as I said amen Elder Thalman found some bolt cutters. It was simple but it was an answer to a prayer.

Not much to talk about this week because everyone canceled on us. We did have an interesting experience with this guy we knocked into. He answered the door and was wearing a Christian shirt with a bible reference on it. We asked if we could show him a Christmas video and he said no so we gave him a card and then he just went off. Asking us if we knew when Christ was actually born. I said sometime in spring I don’t know the exact day. Well then he starts talking about how is loves the bible and studies it and how he always goes back to the bible to compare things to see if it is true. He said he had a book and then he started talking about the scripture in Revelations 22:18-19 and I brought up Deuteronomy 4:1 and how those scriptures area about the individual book not the bible as a whole. Then he said something and then started talking about how we need to be careful about what we do especially when it comes from people “above us” (I think he was talking about leaders of the church) Then he said that we will remember this day and think “man why didn’t I listen to that guy” I was thinking to say something similar to him but about the judgment day. I was too scared and didn’t but I should’ve because the Spirit was telling me to. NEVER BE SCARED TO ACT ON A PROMPTING FROM THE SPIRIT. HEAVENLY FATHER WILL NOT HANG YOU OUT TO DRY. HE HAS YOUR BACK. He then went on to talk about how he sees us walking and he prays to God hoping that we will “see the light and realize our wrong” We just testified about how we know the Book of Mormon is true. I told him I would study up on the bible and the scriptures he was talking about and come back with answers form the bible and he said okay. So yeah that was exciting and we will see how it goes when we come back.

We also taught a lesson in YW about helping less active people return to church. It was really powerful. Once again I felt bad for being a terrible friend/missionary at home. If I would’ve been a better friend I know of 1 person that would still be coming to church. So be a friend to those that need it. Always live your live in such a way that those who don’t know Christ will want to know Christ because they know you.

I am also learning that the Lord works in mysterious ways. The last two transfers I was struggling with being self righteous and opinionated (something I have always struggled with). I had been praying for Heavenly Father to help me to be more humble and he answered the prayer by giving me a trainee. Elder Rice is great and wants to help people come unto Christ but he isn’t the most obedient. As his District Leader and trainer I realized I need to correct him in a loving way and help him be obedient. It has really made me notice my own flaws because I can’t be a hypocrite. I need to be obedient if I am going to tell him to be obedient. Not saying that I was disobedient but I have notice the areas I needed to improve and it has really humbled me. This companionship is really stretching me for lots of reasons. 1)I am the senior companion so I have to make all the hard decisions. Like when plan AB C and D all cancel and I have to figure out what to do. 2) I have to really 100% on myself (and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ of course) but with Elder Gielman we both wanted to be the best missionaries and be as obedient as possible and we would help each other improve. Well now I have to help myself be obedient and my companion and it is hard to stay obedient when your companion isn’t. It is hard when the only thing driving me to be better and obedient and improve is myself. I am really having to dig deep and grow. Heavenly Father is molding me into the person He needs me to be and it is a difficult process and it is hard on me but it is working and Heavenly Father would not set me up to fail. He knows I can do it and so do I. It is hard though.

So yeah that was my week. How was all of yours. Did you guys enjoy your Christmas?
I love you all and pray for you.
Love Elder Johnston

jumping rope in the snow for morning work out

jumping rope in the snow for morning work out

muddy truck

muddy truck



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