Email from December 14th

Well my first 12 weeks are up and it is transfer time. I will get all the exciting transfer news out of the way first. So I am staying here in Kirtland 5th ward. I am going to be the District Leader over Kirtland and I will be step training Elder Rice (step training is when the greenie has been trained the first 6 weeks and you finish off the last 6 weeks)

Elder Geilman is moving into Farmington 4th ward. He is going to be the District Leader there and his companion is Elder Davis. It is sad to see Elder Geilman go, especially right before Christmas but it is also exciting.

Now that that is out of the way….This week has been really good. We are teaching A. and M. The family that we got in with the Christmas initiative. They aren’t married and M. has two kids from a previous relationship and they have one on the way. M. said she was baptized when she was little and her Grandma says it is the LDS church but because the membership look up thing is so precise we are having trouble finding her records. A. was in the foster system as a kid and was baptized into a different church as a kid. We invited him to be baptized but he said maybe down the road. But he is reading the Chapters to assign him. Now we just need to get them to church. They are doing awesome though.

Other than that our week has been pretty much eh…trying to get organized and visit the right members and all that. We were just starting to figure it out too and we got transferred, but the Lord knows what he is doing.

Sorry for the short email I have my new planner for this next transfer so I can’t look back and see all the things we have done through out the week.
We taught gospel principles on Sunday again. This time it was about the millennium and it was a really good lesson. It took me a while to figure out how all it works together and it is really deep. I tried to explain it to Elder Geilman but he didn’t get it so I decided to not share it in class. haha

We had a super awesome deep doctrine discussion though and Elder Geilman was having a hard time understanding so I drew it on a white board and totally blew his mind. It was so funny. Then the zone leaders came over for lunch and I showed it to them and blew their minds. Nobody could answer my question….I hate unanswered questions. It was funny though because right after Elder Geilman and I finished talking, before the Zone leaders came over President called to ask me to train, and the first thing he said was “oh Elder Johnston just the person I wanted to talk to. I heard you were the person to come to with any deep or doctrinal questions. I heard you were all knowing.” I was very humbled. I thought we was going to ask me some super deep question because it was saturday morning and normally you get a call from President friday night if you are training. It was just funny. Then we had lunch and I wrecked everyone at ninja turtles trouble.

So I guess you can say it was a really good week.

I love you all
Elder Johnston

IMG_0483 IMG_0488

It snowed. I really miss Utah snow

It snowed. I really miss Utah snow

I finally got a hair cut

I finally got a hair cut

my fan

my fan

pretty sun set

pretty sun set


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