Crazy Transfers and trainings

Well this week has been absolutely crazy!! Transfers were supposed to happen Tuesday but because of the crazy snow storm pushed it back a day. So that was crazy. But then Wednesday came and the new missionaries still weren’t here. So there were trios running around Farmington and Kirtland. I got Elder Rice and it was just me and him. But there was Elder Thalman and his new companion in 4th ward the new elders in 2nd ward and then just a random trio of elders hanging out with them and then the sisters just had it super crazy I don’t even know what happened to them.

So we had a huge district meeting and it was my first one as District Leader. I had given training before but never done the whole thing and it was crazy. I gave a training about the Spirit and it’s role in conversion and how are obedience is connected with that. I also talked about spiritual gifts, and developing them. It was really powerful. So yeah that was crazy.

Elder Rice and I didn’t get to go and proselyte a bunch this week because 1 of crazy transfers and 2 I had to be trained as a district leader. One responsibility District Leaders have is to conduct the baptismal interview for investigators in my district. So they were teaching me how to do that and we then did a role play and it was probably the most spiritually experience I have had on my mission up to this point. It was so amazing!!!

So yeah that has been my week. I am doing good. Just a little discouraged from time to time because I feel like I am not doing enough to magnify my calling. I don’t care what the Lord asks me to do from Junior companion to AP I just want to be the best at whatever I am called to be.

I have been reading a lot in Preach My Gospel and have learned that I was doing a lot of things wrong just because I was trained wrong. So Elder Rice and I are going to fix it and become PMG and missionary handbook missionaries. So that is really exciting.

M. and A. are doing great. We still having figure out in M. is a member or not and A. is doing great. They read every day. We need to do better and committing them to do things so that is one of the many things we are gong to change. Hopefully we can commit A. to be baptized soon.

Something I have learned is that as much as missionary work isn’t about baptisms it really is. Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ and the only way they can truly do that is through covenants, the first one being baptism. So no the number of baptisms you have does not determine if you are a good missionary or not but missionary work is about baptisms.

I love you all and I hope you have a merry Christmas.
Love Elder Johnston


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