PAUL BUNYAN where the food is good…but not too good aye

Well another week has come and gone! Craziness. I can’t believe how fast the weeks go! This transfer has flown by!!!

Once again it was another crazy week. But a really good one
We had interviews with President Adams!!! I love that man so much!!! We also did lots of service.
The ward is doing amazing at trying to help us find people to teach. They give us names but they never know where they live!!! Rez man. The bishop did give us some names of people to go and track down. We knocked on this door looking for a less active guy and some young guy answered. We asked what his name was and it wasn’t the guy we were looking for him and his family had just moved in about a month ago. We asked if we could share a christmas message with them and THEY LET US IN!!!!!!! That is the first time that has ever happened my whole mission!!!! We watched the new Christmas video with them twice!!! They are an unmarried couple with a 3 year old girl and a 2 year old boy and another on the way. They said that they used to read the bible before they moved because it helped out their family life. So we gave them a book of mormon and are coming back tonight to teach them!!! I am so stoked!!! They said that they have a ton of time so we are just going to give them all the church videos and make them watch them. It should be really good.

We did some more service with for the 90 year old lady! We took down her trees and dug out a bunch of her weeds. I CHOPPED DOWN A TREE WITH AN AXE ALL BY MYSELF! It was a big tree too!! My arms and hands were jello after!!! I couldn’t even open a water bottle for 3 days!!!

We also helped at the stake relief society lunchin. Two dudes chillin at the relief society party. We were in the back serving up the plates and all the young women in the stake were being waitresses. That was awkward because they kept flirting with me and it was just weird!!! I was just thinking to myself “why? I am a missionary this doesn’t do you any good” it was awkward. Then we got to watch the Christmas play they had. It was hilarious. If you understood Navajo humor at least. Then we had to put all the chairs and tables away and it was just me and Elder Geilman in our suit pants and white shirts and ties. I had to crawl under the stage and get all the carts out. It reminded me of when the YM would go and set up chairs and it would be just be Coleman, Dad, Kim, and me.

Anyway this week has been amazing. Just another crazy week in Fruitland New Mexico (there is no fruit)
I love you all
Love Elder Johnston


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