This week has been crazy!!! We had 32 hours of service!!!!!! The Francos (super awesome members) were going up to Utah for thanksgiving so we fed their animals for them every day. I love their dogs they were way fun to play with. I told the Francos that we would only do it if they enjoyed Utah and the snow for me. There is no snow here and I miss it. It is just cold and dry so it makes it even worse.

This week was really good though. Didn’t get out to tract much but this week we are going to knock everything again and share the Christmas initiative video. Have you guys seen that by the way? It is called “A Savior is Born” it is super awesome I love it and can’t wait to use it more.

Thanksgiving was really good. We had a district/zone meeting where as a zone we got the Christmas initiative and all the instructions we need and then we broke off and had district meeting. It was out in Shiprock (rez town) so we had a McDonald’s thanksgiving for lunch. We had sooo much food. Then we came back into Kirtland and Elder Geilman and I just talked about the Christmas video and watched it a bunch because tracting is useless when everyone has family over for Thanksgiving.

Then we went to dinner. We had it with this family at the church. It was the whole family. It was super awkward. We just sat there and ate without talking to anybody (we tried) and then we left.

We went and played games with the Begay’s they are super awesome. It was us and the 4th ward Elders, Elder Thalman and Fataua (also our zone leaders) we played a couples game all of them. Where you have to guess your partners favorite something and if you get it right you get a point. So it was me and Elder Geilman, the two other elders and then 3 married couples. Elder Geilman and I won!!!!! hahah it was so fun.

Then Friday we spent all day painting this ladies house. She is a non member and is in 3rd ward but her son (one of the Begay couples we played against) is a member in 4th ward. So all the missionaries in our district (Elder Geilman, Thalman, Fataua, Sister Jesse, Prichard and then me) were helping paint. We were there all day!!! I was covered in paint thanks to Elder Thalman!!

So then Saturday we came back and finished painting for like half the day and then did weekly planning that we didn’t get to do on Friday.

It was just crazy. Also Brain Begay (same guy in 4th ward) he likes messing with the missionaries. They filled our bed with leaves and hay and then covered our truck in glitter and put a little snow man on our antenna. It was really funny.

So yeah that was my crazy week. How was your guy’s Thanksgiving?

Love Elder Johnston
p.s. thank you all for the letters.



IMG_0430 IMG_0431

I have a "sexy" santa hat! hahahah

I have a “sexy” santa hat! hahahah



IMG_0452 IMG_0450 IMG_0454


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