If I were a fruit…..

Well this week has been crazy like usual. More walking lots and lots of walking. On Tuesday we had to get out and walk all day and the wind was blowing like crazy so that was fun. It was freezing cold. We have been doing even more tracking and walking. Trying to contact people but they are never home!! or they cancel the appointment like ten minutes before.

We are working with a lot of less active families which I love. They are so fun to teach. Most of them came to sacrament meeting but none will come to all three hours of church. The Washburns we teach every Wednesday and Sunday. Yesterday we committed them to come to all three hours of church so hopefully they are there. Please pray for Brother Washburn, he is really struggling with something and we are trying to help him but sometimes we just don’t know how. We are trying to teach about peace and how it isn’t the absence of tribulation but the presence of Christ. Please please please pray for him. He needs all the help he can get.

Other than that our week has been pretty usual. We had a service project where we raked this 90 year old lady’s leaves and started a huge fire. It was so awesome.

We had zone training this week and guess what? I was asked to give one of the training. I was really excited and it went really well so it was good.

We also had exchanges with the zone leaders. I was with Elder Thalman. I love that guy so much, he is awesome. If we would’ve know each other in High School we would have raised heck. We stayed up until 2 am on accident just talking. We didn’t even realize what time it was. hahaha it was just a funny exchange. On the exchange we taught a guy in their area Thomas Begay, he was so wasted drunk. It was a really spiritual lesson. Thomas kept talking about how he wanted to go to heaven and not hell. Elder Thalman made him a really cool promise, and after the lesson Elder Thalman was like “wow, I have never made that promise to anyone.” This is the promise. “If you do everything that we ask you to do, I promise you (Thomas) that you will make it to heaven, and we are your friends we are here to help you get there, and so is Jesus. He is your best friend.” It is true though. If you do everything the missionaries ask of people you will make it to heaven. It was awesome. Thomas even promised that he would be drunk next time and we were going to take all his alcohol for him and throw it away but he was so drunk he didn’t know where he put it. The gospel is here for us all and it can change us all.

This week was slow, Elder Geilman and I got a little discouraged but we each had a really awesome talk with one of the zone leaders. Elder Thalman and I forgot to do the exchange form so while we were inside doing that and talking. Elder Geilman and Elder Fataua were in the truck talking. Then Elder Geilman and I had a really awesome companionship inventory. Then President Adams gave us a call. It was really awesome. So I am doing great now.

I also learned what my soul fruit is, a pineapple. I have a wicked hair-doo, I am hard and prickly on the outside but on the inside I am just a sweet softie, and I look super awesome. Elder Geilman is an orange. Simple but loveable.

What is your soul fruit, ask yourself this: “If I was a fruit what would I be, and why”

I love you all and expect to hear from you regarding your soul fruit

Love, Elder Johnston

Life size Goliath (I went up to his waist)

Life size Goliath (I went up to his waist)

Pineapple stole my looks

Pineapple stole my looks

Elder Geilman and me as fruit

Elder Geilman and me as fruit

me and my pineapple buddy

me and my pineapple buddy


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