Sorry for the short e-mail I am on a rez computer that keeps shutting down

Well this week has been really slow and crazy. We did lots of service and tracting.

Valerie has been sick so we haven’t been meeting with her sadly but we have an appointment with her this next week. Romando thanks to some more legal reasons hasn’t been able to meet with us and now we are going to have to move his date back.

This week we had 3 total lessons, two recent converts and 1 less active. Other than that we were out walking around knocking doors and doing lots of service. We helped this member pick up pumpkins from this pumpkin patch out on the rez. Man you will not believe how many pumpkins there were, We picked up over 1,400 pumpkins over two days. We would then take the pumpkins to the two elementary schools and give them to the little kids. It was so awesome seeing the little kids just beaming with happiness “I get a pumpkin!?” It was awesome. I was so glad that I did it.

Transfers were this week, on Halloween, we had to be in before 6 o clock for safety reasons. So that was boring!

Transfer news, Elder Geilman and I are both staying here in Kirtland 5th ward, BUT we are getting a third companion. Not just a third companion but a greenie!!!! we are picking him up in Farmington tomorrow. So yeah after six weeks I am already training before my training was even finished. Just like Elder Geilman. He still doesn’t know what the back of 12 week looks like! haha so yeah I am really excited to see how this goes. It should be a wild adventure but I am excited.

Love you all
Love Elder Johnston


My District

My District


I live in a closet now to make room for the third elder

I live in a closet now to make room for the third elder

Sister Smith's home.

Sister Smith’s home.

Sister Smith's boys love Elder Johnston!

Sister Smith’s boys love Elder Johnston!

20151030_1755341 20151030_1757181


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