Well this week has been really slow but good. I can’t really remember much about what happened. We have had a lot of less actives who have expressed a desire to come back to church and attend the temple. So that is really great. Due to the placement program set up by the church a while ago a lot of natives are already members they just aren’t active. So we call it the reactivation nation. Kinda sad but true.

This week has been an interesting one though. On Friday we got to help a family butcher a sheep and then make mutton. So Elder Fataua and I went in and caught the sheep tied it up and dragged it out. I held it down while he slit the throat. Then we started to skin it the native way, with our hands/arms, so you start by cutting it with a knife but then you just push you arm down the side to separate the skin from the meat! It is crazy! Blood all over me. Then we hung it up and gutted it. You save all of the guts though. All of it. Then we cut the meat into different sections and then hang it up. We then started cleaning out the guts. You clean out the intestines to make Ach’ee. The stomach to make blood sausage and some other stuff. Once we got that cleaned out we started to grill the sheep head. So you hold it over a fire to get all the whole burnt off then you put in in a dutch oven. Then you start making Ach’ee. You take the fat that has been sitting out drying and you break a piece off and then wrap it in intestines and then grill it. If the intestines is big enough you just stuff it full of fat. Kinda gross. We then made some fry bread while we waited for everything to cook. I LOVE fry bread!!!! So everything was done cooking we sat down had a prayer and then ate mutton which is just old sheep, the sheep we killed was older, it is flavorless meat pretty much. Navajo’s like it plain, the only seasoning they use is salt. So we had rib, butchers meat, liver, kidney, heart, ach’ee and sheep head. With the head we ate cheek, tongue, eyeball and brain, None of it was that bad, except the liver, I hated that, even the Ach’ee was okay, on a scale of 5 to -5, 0 being neutral it was a 0. Then after we ate we helped them catch their chickens and put them back in their pen. It was fun, I jumped on a few. So yeah Friday was quite the adventure.

Then Saturday I got sick, not form the mutton but from elder Thalman who got sick from the flu shot. It was awful we went out finding and I was just drained. I slept most of Sunday, missed PEC but made it to church at 11 and made it through all three hours, I am doing much better now, just a small soar throat but that should go away soon.

So yeah this week has been really good. Lots of less active work which is great, we had 4 families at church I think. It was awesome. Just keep praying for Kirtland 5th ward and it should keep going well.

Elder Geilman and I are like best friends, we knew each other in the premortal world. We get along great so that is really good.

I love you all and pray for you all.

Love Elder Johnston

Ponderize scripture: Alma 40:25


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