“inside the house”

Well this week has been good. Crazy though. Not much really happened in three days. We are mainly just staying home working on the area book trying to increase our investigator pool. It is boring but important. This week has been crazy though. A companionship in our district got emergency transferred so now we don’t have missionaries in that area they were covering. (1st and 2nd ward) One of them was the district leader and the other was one of the zone leaders. So guess what!? Just kidding I am not in a leadership calling, still just the green trainee. My companion (slightly less green) trainer became the district leader. He is just a stud. Elder Fataua became the other zone leader. I love that guy too. He is a stud. All this casually happened on Saturday by president Adams asking them if they would. Then they had to take numbers for the first time on Sunday, as I just sat there bored out of my skull. I am the District Monkey.

So yeah Saturday was great. We went into Farmington to participate in a mini-MTC. They had a bunch of priests and laurels come and be missionaries for a day and we were their companions. It was way cool. So it was two priest to every one missionary. We went to some classes and had personal and companion study where I had to teach them how teach the second half of the first lesson (Restoration, Joseph Smith, Priesthood, Book of Mormon, Pray to know) it was a big learning experience for me. Then we went around and taught members pretending to be investigators. This one old couple that were way cute asked us a bunch of questions that were hard just on purpose. The two priests would just look at me and I would answer them it was funny. Then later that night we went and had a dinner appointment. A real one, real members fed us and then we shared the message of the restoration with them. They were less active for about 20 years and just recently started coming back to church 3 years ago. They shared some stuff with us and it was just super awesome. Then we had a testimony meeting after and it was way spiritual it was cool to see the change in some of the people.

Sunday was awesome. Fast Sunday…..I have a testimony of fasting and I know it works, now I just need to work on my attitude towards it. HAHA. Testimony meeting was great. This super cute old native lady Sister Hatch bore hers as she does every month. She is a “shimasana” which is Navajo for a native grandma pretty much. She is so cute and very converted to the gospel. She gets up and gives a ten minute powerful sermon. This month it was about loving everyone and being happy all the time just because that is what the savior told us to do. It was so cute and funny and powerful and amazing. I learned a lot.

Work has been slow. A bunch of our investigators canceled appointments and haven’t rescheduled so we have to go hunt them down. So pray that we will be able to meet them again.

Romando is doing great. He is on date for Nov. 14 and is coming to church, reading, praying, and he just loves it. He is a man of simple words but you can tell the gospel makes him happy. So pray for him. Romando Miles.

I love you all and continue to pray for you
Elder Johnston.

Ponderize scripture is Mosiah 27:37 (it is talking about the sons of Mosiah right after they become awesome)


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