I made it!!!!!

Finally made it to New Mexico! It is really pretty here. Kind of like a mix between Moab and Grouse Creek. I met my mission president, President Adams, I only got to meet with him for a few minutes but I really like him already. My new companion is Elder Geilman he has been here for only six weeks!!! we are serving in Kirtland New Mexico 5th ward. Our area is half reservation half city. I am really excited to just get to work. It is going to be the greatest experience! We all drive trucks. Elder Clark and I stayed with a member of one of the Farmington wards last night and we pulled in this morning to just a bunch of trucks in the parking lot. Nissan Frontiers and Toyota TACOMA!! my favorite, sadly we don’t have a Tacoma we have frontier. My companion is really cool and I like him already. We have an appointment with a new investigator at 4 on the rez. It should be good.

I will email you more on Monday

Love you all

Elder Johnston


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