Greetings from Elder JohnsTon

First few days in the MTC! It is so amazing! I can’t even describe it I have so much to say, but I forgot my study journal in my residency so I just have to try and remember it all.

First my companions name is Elder Clark. He is a pretty cool guy we get along really well and we laugh with each other. That’s really how it is with my whole district. Elder Clark just needs to fall asleep less. Hahaha Speaking of sleep, last night was the first night that I got a decent amount of sleep. I don’t know why but that past few nights have been awful. I made a goal to not fall asleep during any meetings or lessons in the MTC or the mission field and so far I have achieved it! Let’s hope I can keep going.

Okay the MTC is so different than I thought it would be. There is like normal missionary schedule and then MTC schedule, totally different. You all know how much I HATE being late, well we have been late a few times. Especially in the morning. You have half an hour to get up and get ready and walk over to the classroom by 7 am for personal study. Sounds easy I know, not when there is a whole floor of missionaries doing the same thing all trying to take a shower. There are five showers and way more elders than that so there is always a line. It creates some major problems.

I really do love the MTC. I have learned so much already!!! I wish I had my journal so I could tell you all the great things but I guess that will have to wait until next week. One thing I do remember though is this: Sunday was so different, but amazing! Then at night there was the Sunday evening devotional, it was super good!! It was packed. After the devotional they play “movies” of old devotionals given by apostles in the MTC over the years. The one that one of my teachers suggested was the one we went to. I am so thankful he suggested it because it was amazing!!!

“The Character of Christ” by David A. Bednar!!! new favorite! It was pretty old because it was before the age change for missionaries. EVERYONE READING THIS E-MAIL NEEDS TO GO WATCH IT!!! It may be a little hard to find but it will be worth it. It will change your live forever “a testimony is not enough” (there is a little snip-it) Go watch it!!!!!!!!

Well I would love to say more but I need to go do laundry.

“I love each y’all and all y’all” – Branch President Briscoe. He is super awesome. I have some stuff written down in my study journal about things he has taught but I don’t have it with my so sorry you will all have to wait.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I forgot to take my camera with me everywhere and the one day I did it broke. 😦

Love, Elder Johnston


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